Susan Ruth


I pride myself on providing a wide array of educational services from specialized remediation to SAT and ACT preparation. There is so much involved in a student’s academic journey, and I believe strongly in focusing on all aspects of that student. In this way, I can prepare him or her for success in school and during the testing phase. I also assist in helping your student navigate the college application process. I will work with your child virtually or in person.

Specialized Remediation

  • Assessing each student’s individual learning style, as well as adapting study and organizational skills to that specified style
  • Helping students utilize learning strengths to compensate for skill gaps
  • Remediating study and test taking skills through academic courses to ensure that the remediation transitions to classroom demands
  • Providing students with the skills and expertise needed to meet new academic challenges

SAT & ACT Preparation

  • Evaluating each student’s individualized learning style and skills to provide guidance on which test is best suited for their needs
  • Working on all sections of both SAT & ACT tests, ensuring consistent test-taking skills
  • Teaching individualized test strategies that carry over into all forms of multiple choice exams
  • Providing proper preparation time has resulted in an increase of  scores anywhere from 100 to 300 points
  • Utilizing years of experience in remediation to help fill in content gaps throughout the process

College Application Process

  • Supporting seniors as they navigate their way through the tedious college application process
  • Helping each student to create a unique and compelling application
  • Assisting students in creating a unique college essay, explaining any inconsistencies in their application, and prioritizing various deadlines
  • Helping your seniors discover their inner strengths and talents while working through the process

What they’re saying:

“Thanks Susan. You have been enormously helpful in this, and I truly appreciate your expertise — and understanding of the subject. She was singing your praises last night at the dinner table … there is no question she has really enjoyed working with you. … and deeply appreciates all the help and direction you’ve given her. (She was so proud that she was finishing up her applications now — and not a month or two later!) You have been a guiding voice in my daughter’s development over the last few months. It has also been wonderful for me to watch. I’ll definitely keep in touch. Thank you!”
“Just wanted to say thanks on all the work you did with my child. We feel she is very prepared, and she appreciated all your help. She will keep you posted how things go. Thank you.”